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Remote Shooting

Travel restrictions and reduced budgets have become a part of our current reality and Southwest Productions has adapted to this new shift in paradigm. We , now, offer remote shooting, essentially, providing on set and off-set monitoring solutions and secure online streaming services for shoots of all sizes, enabling you to take control of your production from your headquarters or anywhere in the world.




Remote Pre-Productions

Before setting foot in Portugal, we can  provide agencies and production companies with scouting, including video of locations shortlisted by directors, optimizing your production prep days and giving you a full visualization of the spaces.


Live Video Castings,  Fittings & PPMs

Together with our casting services partners, their large talent pool and in-house studios, we can supply live video callback sessions for the talent, along with  video fittings and PPMs.


Remote Monitoring Setup

Our remote partners use Teradek devices, live streaming platforms and cellular networks to provide you with a simple - low latency - TCP link to follow and share the shoot with anyone and from anywhere. 


First Class ADs & DPs

We are also able to offer on-the-ground, real-time collaboration through internationally reputable DPs and experienced 1st ADs, ready to be your eyes on set and ears when it matters most.


Virtual Video Village

We can offer multiple camera setups coupled with meeting & chat platforms, allowing you to interact with your director or producer whilst giving you access to a direct feed from the camera, art, wardrobe, playback or  any recorded material during production.

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